So i’ve started a new, well I say new since it’s new to me but, a digital take on a having a “traditional-painterly” looking art piece. Studying, learning and being incredibly inspired (and a slight overwhelmed) by all these great artists such as Drew StruzanMartin Ansen, Sam Spratt, Feng Zhu, etc.

So for this session, I infact, wanted to know what kind of brush I’d need, ideally, looking online and downloading a preset or something. But I decided to just go ahead with my gut and create a brush by tweaking (excessively) the default brush on Adobe Photoshop’s (CC, but any is good) brush list.
After getting far with it and in some way feeling kind of happy with the results. I ended up with TWO custom brushes. One would work as the main body/base brush, the other would work for detail, to fill, or anything that would compliment the first.

First one up…A little dedication to the legendary MUDDY WATERS!


After working several hours on this piece (which I intended as a test but ended up getting carried away, becoming the final piece), I know I can definitely do better, but nevertheless, still am happy with the results. After all, it’s only my first attempt.